About us

Our vision and values

Sydenham High School is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust which is the is the leading group of independent girls’ schools in the UK.

At Sydenham High our fundamental aim is to provide a first class education for girls. It was the aim of our founders in 1887 and is still our aim today. The outlook and opportunities for women may have changed but the goal is the same – to develop her full intellect – academic, emotional and social – to guide her on her individual pathway to success.

We want her to leave our school not only with the qualifications she needs but also with a sense of her own value, her strengths and a realistic and confident outlook on her future.

What do we aim to do?

  • Achieve individual excellence
  • Aspire to be your best
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Celebrate community and diversity

How do we do it?

Academic excellence in all subjects

  • An academic curriculum that prepares girls for a university education, developing their logical, analytical and creative abilities by studying a broad range of subjects
  • Teaching staff who are engaged and aware, who know the ability of each student as an individual and both support and challenge her to reach her academic potential
  • A professional approach to teaching that inspires scholarship and a positive attitude to learning
  • An approach to learning that encourages students to think for themselves, to develop enquiring minds and become disciplined learners

A positive social and learning environment

  • A school that is small enough to ensure everyone is visible and well known as an individual
  • A school community where positive role models reinforce high aspirations and students respect scholarship and learning
  • A school culture where tolerance and understanding promotes the celebration of individuality and diversity
  • A culture that instills strong moral values, a sense of responsibility, respect for others and for the environment

A considered approach to student development

  • An approach that understands girls and helps them negotiate the challenges for young people today with understanding and empathy so that they benefit from all a Sydenham High education has to offer
  • A practical, relevant programme of PSHE that is tailored to their level of maturity and ability and reinforced through form tutors and heads of year
  • A student development programme that develops their life skills, world awareness and helps them make informed decisions about their future

Contemporary, relevant opportunities and experiences

  • Regular opportunities to bring the curriculum alive and broaden girls’ horizons through trips, events and activities beyond the classroom
  • The time and opportunity to acquire new skills or hone existing skills through a lively and contemporary programme of clubs and activities
  • Experience of the world beyond their own, to expand their understanding of the complexity and diversity of the world and people around them