Our policies embody the ethos and values of our school and the standards of behaviour we expect. Policies govern our approach to education as well as making sure we comply with all relevant legislation.

For day-to-day school life we have a more concise set of rules which are also published here; they are summarised our Code of Conduct for Senior School and the more simplified Golden Rules for the Junior School.  These are published in every classroom and in each girl’s yearly planner and are reinforced through assemblies, in form time, in lessons and the positive social environment around the school.

To read the details of these policies please click on the links below or if you would prefer to receive a printed version of any of these policies please contact us.

Whole school policies

Senior school policies

Junior school policies

Anti-bullying Behaviour and Discipline Policy – Senior School Behaviour and Discipline Policy-JuniorSchool
Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct for Staff  Curriculum Policy – Senior School Curriculum Policy – Junior School
Complaints PSHEE Policy – Senior School PSHE Policy – Junior School
Communications Policy – Email Guidelines – Whole School  PSHEE Policy – Senior School Schemes of Work  PSHE-Policy-Junior-School-Scheme-of-Work
English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy – Whole School
Equal Opportunities
EYFS Supervision of Students Policy
Fire Safety Policy and Procedures
First Aid Policy – Whole School
First Aid Policy – Whole School – Appendix A – October 2016
First Aid Policy – Whole School – Appendix B – October 2016
First Aid Policy – Whole School – Appendix C – List of First Aiders
Health & Safety Policy – Whole School
Inclusion Policy – Whole School
Missing Child Policy – Whole School
Promoting Fundamental British Values Policy – Whole School
Public Examinations Evacuation Policy – Senior School
Recruitment Policy – Staff -Whole School.doc
Risk Assessment Policy – Whole School
Safeguarding Policy – Whole School
Safeguarding – DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education Booklet
Safeguarding – GDST Safeguarding procedures
Supervision of Students Policy – Whole School