Junior School

Welcome to our Junior School

We’re here to find the potential within each girl, discover and stimulate passions and interests and lay the foundations for a lifetime of learning.

We nurture girls through their formative years, encouraging enquiring minds, fostering a love of learning and establishing the values, disciplines and attitudes that are central to their success as well-rounded learners.

In the Junior School we prepare girls for the academic curriculum of the Senior School in a creative and innovative way that suits young minds. Our girls learn to master the building blocks of education; reading, writing and maths in Early Years and Key Stage 1 before progressing into more formal teaching in Key Stage 2. Our rich and varied curriculum ensures each girl skips home with tales of excitement and enjoyment.

We are very proud of our community and our capable, confident, compassionate pupils. Our girls would be very proud to show you around their school – it is the best way to really see how distinctively different we are.


P1090119 SydHighJuniorSchool 3D map