Years 3,4,5 and 6

Ages 7-11 (Key Stage 2)

Year 3 marks the start of the preparation for the senior school. As they progress through this key stage, girls become accustomed to specialist teachers and will start to use specialist facilities for some languages, science, creative arts and computing lessons. Latin is introduced in Year 5. Introducing girls to senior school life takes place in Year 5 and year 6 as they participate in taster days run by teachers at the senior school.

The timetable still concentrates on the core skills with an hour a day being devoted to maths and English. Concepts that have been introduced in their topic and subject study are now explored in more depth and their boundaries broaden to study distant countries and civilisations. Girls are introduced to Shakespeare, more complex poetry, to scientific hypotheses and experiments and to a wider range of materials and techniques in art and DT.

Their learning skills are developed as they are encouraged to analyse and interpret historical events, literary texts and engage in philosophical debates as well as apply their knowledge and skills to real life situations. In Computing girls extend their internet and coding skills and in PE girls start to learn hockey and tennis.

Girls remain in class groups with form teachers but are put into ability sets for some lessons so that the more able can be stretched and those that need support can still feel comfortable progressing at a pace that suits them.

As they grow in confidence and independence girls are expected to take more responsibility for their homework and their lives within school. Learning to organise themselves and think ahead are key skills for the world of seniors they will be entering.

The CONNECT curriculum is also carried forward into Key Stage 2.

Prep curriculum
Computing Latin (from Year 5)
Design technology
Art and design
Physical education
Religious education
Personal, social, health and citizenship