Student Development

An important element of our educational approach is the way we understand and guide girls on their journey through the school right from their formative years in Junior School. We do this through a structured student development programme focused on girls’ well-being and their aspirations for their future. We also have clear expectations of behaviour enshrined in our code of conduct and there’s strong pastoral support from teaching staff who see the girls every day and who monitor their progress both socially and educationally throughout the year.

But it’s not just these formal structures that are important. The scale of the school also makes a difference. It means girls are visible and well known as individuals, that no one gets lost or overlooked. It means staff can be flexible and responsive to the needs of each cohort, that subject staff and the pastoral team work closely to support students.

So when visitors comment on the sense of Sydenham High having a really great feel to it, of it feeling like a healthy environment for girls, we think it’s the girls’ sense of enthusiasm and purpose, their willingness to be involved, their desire to learn and succeed that comes from our girls feeling comfortable with who they are, comfortable in their own skins.