Logging in to school services


Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for teachers, students and parents.

Senior school login: https://sydenhamhigh.fireflycloud.net
Junior school login: https://sydenhamhighjuniors.fireflycloud.net

Students & Staff

Each student can login from school or from home to access lesson materials, seek inspiration and help for different subjects and find out information on all school activities.

How to log in: Take the ‘Login for Staff & Students’ option on the right, and use your school login details, e.g. using your email address: <first-name-initial>.<last-name>@syd.gdst.net. If you are using a school computer, Firefly will automatically log you in.


Parents can keep up to date with the Weekly Bulletin and find all the information they need about school events and their child.

How to log in: In your browser, go to the address as given above. Then, enter your email address and the password you set when activating your account directly on the main screen and select ‘Log in’.

Other Services


Email between students and staff should be sent exclusively using Outlook,
which requires your school login details.

classroomHomework will continue to be set via Google Classroom,
which will require your Sydapps login details.