A secure academic foundation for her future

Girls say that the best thing about being here is the inspirational teaching. With an average of 24 in a class and a real understanding of each girl as an individual, nobody is left to struggle or get bored.

Against this background of understanding, challenge and support, it’s hardly surprising that our girls love their subjects, their clubs, their sports, their music – the whole gamut of opportunities that enable them to discover their strengths, recognise where they’re less talented and make the most of what they’ve got.

It’s an approach that means every student can follow their own pathway to success. You just have to look at the diversity of courses that our girls read at university; from medicine to naval architecture, engineering to neuroscience and nursing.

The journey through senior school starts with a broad base of subjects, so girls have explored many options by the time they choose their GCSEs. These courses aren’t simply about getting good results. They’re designed to educate, to be interesting, useful and relevant, with practicals, fieldwork and research so students develop a secure knowledge of their subject.

You can review the current range of academic subjects on offer here

Life beyond the curriculum is vibrant, too. As well as sports ranging from athletics to trampolining, there are dozens of clubs that cover everything from chess and electronics, theatre to volunteering. It means that every girl gets to stretch herself and explore new interests.

It’s an inclusive approach that fosters confidence and a willingness to have a go or, as our school motto puts it, Nyle Ye Drede – Fear Nothing.


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