A world of difference

dsc_0137The start of year 12 is the most marked change in students’ school life. Not only do you now socialise, study and learn in your own Sixth Form Centre and are seen as role models throughout the School – the way you learn will change too.

The change most sixth formers remark upon most, though, is the difference in their relationships with teachers. You are studying chosen subjects, so teachers now treat you like the young adults you will become. The interactions feels more personal, you’ll find yourself challenged to question and explain your thinking, and there is more time to debate and to read around your subjects.

There’s no homework timetable and there’ll be times during the school day when you don’t have any lessons. We’ll expect you to manage the different demands of your subjects, and you’ll find yourself having to plan for distant deadlines which we will expect you to meet. But we’ll still be there to guide you. You’ll have a personal tutor, much like at university, who will oversee your progress and help you to adapt to the demands of independent study.

Our Sixth Form is packed with opportunities that help to broaden your experience, encourage you to take intellectual risks, building your intellect, confidence and abilities – and make sure you are prepared for the next big step; university life and university learning in two years time.

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