The university you choose

We have a wealth of experience in helping students select the right university and course for them. That’s because we put the time in, not just in helping you through the administrative processes involved in submitting applications, but also in mentoring and advising you so you make informed decisions about what you really want to do.

We help our current students start thinking about this in Year 10, but if you only join us in Year 12 then we have a fast-track induction programme to help you catch up.

There’s Futurewise, a psychometric profiling exercise that gives direction on areas you may want to explore. It suggests future paths to help you reflect objectively on your particular strengths and areas of interest. We use it to help guide students in their work experience choices and thoughts about university.

Our Destination University programme in Year 12 keeps you on track from fact-finding about options through to final selection of your course and university choices. We organise or book you on courses and seminars for specific professions, give you interview experience with professionals in your areas of interest and put you in contact with our own and the GDST alumnae network who can give you a real hands-on perspective on your choices.

For those who need it, we prepare you for the range of additional tests required for entry on to professional courses like medicine and law as well as all the Oxbridge tests.

Choosing a university course and going through the applications process in Sixth Form are only part of the story, the support and direction we give you whilst you are studying for A levels is what really makes the difference.