Memories to last you a lifetime

The friends you make in Sixth Form are friends for life. It helps that you all share a common goal, to have a great education to get to the best university, but more than that, you benefit from the camaraderie that you can only feel in an all girls’ school.

You’ll work together in teams as you lead everything from the House Music competition, our fundraising Crisis Revue at Christmas and organising your May Ball, as well as those unique events you choose to create during your time in the sixth form.

Some of you will be chosen to take on leadership roles like house captains, prefects or head girls. Others will find themselves more suited to roles as peer mentors or happier supporting behind the scenes at events like House Drama, Flipside or a school production. There are so many opportunities; what you can be sure of is when you look back you’ll see how you became more confident and more mature as you rose to the challenges of these extra responsibilities.

We give you the opportunity and freedom to enjoy these shared experiences and the time to celebrate your achievements. Your school yearbook, Leavers’ Day, The May Ball and Sixth Form prizegiving are all bittersweet occasions where to mark the end of one chapter as well as an exciting new chapter in your life.