House system and vertical tutoring

House System

Alongside conventional year groupings, Sydenham High School also runs a vibrant House system that provides the opportunity for students to experience working regularly with girls from other years. We have very competitive sporting competitions, House Drama and House Music festivals which involve all girls in the school in some way. Each girl will become a member of Shirreff, Gurney, Stanley or Grey upon joining the school. Every week, House Registration and House Form Time mean that girls become familiar with students from all year groups and work collaboratively on projects.

Vertical tutoring

At Sydenham our tutors are experts in particular stages of a girl’s career. We have tutor teams who know all about starting at a school as a new Year 7, teams who can support girls through their GCSE and teams who are expert at getting our students through demanding A level studies and the university application process.

Our heads of year work closely with students, form tutors, subject staff and with each other. They are the first point of contact for parents for any issue or discussion.  They co-ordinate the transition into a new year group at each stage of the school.  The Year 7 transition is a major change, but there are similar transitions as girls progress throughout the school and we take care not to overlook these.