Year 3 art show

Year 3’s art project was shown at the Senior School art and design exhibition, D’arT 2011.

The art project, linked to their history classes studying the Victorian era.  They explored the art of Victorian miniatures, studied Victorian hairstyles and practised silhouetting techniques in class before embarking on their own original piece of work for the exhibition. The project was led by sixth former Eleanor Tilley, a year 12 art student who, despite not doing art at GCSE had decided to take it up for A level.

For their final projects the year 3 girls styled each other’s hair and completed dip pen and ink drawings of using silhouetting techniques.

The girls loved working with Eleanor and rose to the challenge of working on a sustained project over a number of weeks.  Seeing their work hung in an exhibition and appearing in an art catalogue is an experience they will never forget.

Whilst Eleanor’s project was not part of her A level art studies it didn’t hamper them either.  Her final exam work has been selected by the examiner as an exemplar of the A level standard to go on a national tour later this year.

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