A rollicking Cinderella Rockerfella by year 6

High energy, talented performances, accomplished singing

Year 6’s performance in the Westwood Theatre was a triumph. It was a modern take on the Cinderella story that parodied the excesses of today’s celebrity culture.  There were vacuous fashonistas, intrusive paparazzi and self-obsessed publicity seekers pitted against a charming Cinderella, cute-as Buttons, and a cool, but smitten Rockerfella. Supporting their efforts were the amusing fairies in wellies and a gossamer light fairy godmother.

The story moved along at a cracking pace with great comic timing and fantastic solo and ensemble performances. it was all the more amazing for having been produced in just over a month. Well done to form teachers Ms Panton and Mrs Jimenez and Director of Junior Music, Miss Duval.  A wonderful experience for the girls, not just the performance but also in interpreting and exploring the issues raised.

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