The only way is up!

Art and Science Week at Sydenham High Junior School had pupils flying high and reaching for the stars with a range of a lessons, projects and experiences on the theme of Up!

There were lots of exciting hands-on science experiments too and investigations
including a fizzy fountain, self-inflating balloons, pop rockets and lemon powered flying potatoes!

Highlight of the week was an opportunity for the girls to see and hear about some of nature’s most magnificent flying machines with a visit from Eagle Heights and his birds of prey, including a Harris hawk, a bald eagle, a peregrine falcon and an owl.  Some of the girls were brave enough to have their pictures taken with the birds.

The finale to activities was an opportunity to explore the solar system and take a virtual journey to the moon inside a mobile planetarium, specially brought into school by Guiseppe Nicolosi of Science Dome. The girls’ verdict?  “Fantastic” “Brilliant” and “Cool”.  “When we were travelling forwards in the Dome, it felt like we were really going to the moon.” “I thought I could touch it, it seemed so close.”

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