Rainforest encounters for Reception

The girls in Reception had some close encounters of the creepy crawly kind this week when they found a rainforest had appeared in their Practical Zone as part of their learning journey ‘Come With me!’  Professional naturalist Andrew Smith, a published writer and educationalist, transported the girls deep into the world of the rainforest where they explored and found out first-hand about a whole host of genuine rainforest animals – ranging from millipedes, banana beetles, terrapins, toads and tree-frogs to snakes, stick insects, cockroaches and hairy tarantula spiders.  ‘I liked holding the tarantula, it was really fury’ said Katie. ‘The millipede tickled my hand it had lots of legs!’ said Phoebe. ‘I want to work in the rainforest when I’m older’ said Nilourfar.

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