Recipes for success from Year 7

A spoonful of independence, a jar of organisation, a pinch of priorities, two cups of self-esteem and a jug full of kindness.  That’s just one of the lists of vital ingredients that Year 7 students came up with when Deputy Head: Student Development Karl Guest asked them to describe their personal recipes for success after their first six weeks in senior school.

When he posed the question, Mr Guest was confident of receiving plenty of interesting responses.  However, he was truly impressed by the mature and insightful things brought up by the girls, as well as the creative way in which they were presented in colourful menus, recipe cards and even a journey planner in the form of a paper aeroplane.

Factors such as confidence, hard work and organisation were recurring ingredient themes but so were sleep, taking responsibility for things and experiencing failure.

Mr Guest commented: “I was very impressed by the mature way in which these girls fully examined the nature of success – not solely using positive factors but recognising that facing failure and learning from it are as important as anything else.  We want our students to find their spark and learn resilience as they grow into adults and this exercise showed that they are well on the way to having those vital characteristics.”

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