Exploring Ancient Worlds

Our Ancient Worlds evening last week saw students, parents and staff having a go at a variety of engaging activities and games from the life and times of Ancient Rome and Greece. Creating beauty products from salt and essential oils left us smelling sweet; making ancient delicacies from dates and honey left us sticky, but deliciously full. As well as life drawing and cuneiform tile design, everyone had the chance to experiment with ancient scientific theories and engineering. Others took up the challenge of completing a giant mosaic or competing in a House competition to paint the most extravagant Greek pot.  There was also a Roman treasure hunt while our Year 13 drama students Polly, Phoebe and Tallulah delivered a fascinating lecture on Greek Tragedy. Outside in the grounds a hard fought competition played out with two field events from the origins of the Olympic games.  The student winner of the discus event was Maia (Year 7) and the best student javelin throw was made by Milly (Year 10).

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