Classics Club recreates Saturnalia

Year 12 Latin students have been running a weekly Classics Club at Junior School, culminating in a Roman Saturnalia event in the final week of term. In ancient Rome, Saturnalia was a day in December (the 17th) when roles were reversed, gifts exchanged and rules relaxed and there was a general carnival atmosphere.

Sixth form classicists Lily, Evie and Rosie planned their event to try and recreate this atmosphere, working with the girls in Junior School.

Girls and staff from across the school were invited to the lunchtime celebration where they would hear an explanation about Saturnalia, see a short play and fashion show, and take part in a quiz.

The enterprising Year 12 students also organised a competition to find the best, most inventive and well-researched decorations linking to the theme of Saturnalia.

The winner was Katerina (Year 8) who, in the true Saturnalian tradition, got to take some of the roles of Deputy Head Mr Guest – acting as a queue monitor and conducting uniform checks with relish!

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