Scientists cook up storm with spaghetti STEM challenge

There was no question of Year 10 getting in a tangle for their latest STEM challenge – despite the subject being linked to spaghetti!

The Year 10 scientists were taking part in the SAILS project – an inquiry based science education (IBSE) project developed to increase student engagement in science.  The girls were asked to construct an experiment involving spaghetti, compile their results and present them both visually and verbally to their peers, the science staff and a guest adjudicator – Dr Chris Sinclair of UCL.

The experiments ranged from finding out whether cooked spaghetti lengthened or shortened to discerning its relative stickiness after varying amounts of cooking.

Dr Sinclair and Head of Science Janie Tilley were extremely impressed with the thoroughness and clarity of the presentations and the enthusiasm of their authors and presenters.  The ultimate winning presentation was: ‘How far can spaghetti stretch after being boiled’ by Annabelle Simmonds and Jamie Dunmore.

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