Rocket Science for Reception!

After Year 8’s meeting with a future British Muslim astronaut (More than words: future astronaut’s poetic inspiration – 7 March), Reception have also been joining in with the latest excitement around space with a trip to the Science Museum, as part of their learning journey ‘Space Explorers’.

And the visit couldn’t have started in a more exciting way for, on arrival, they were greeted on the theatre screen by none other than Tim Peake, speaking to them from the International Space Station.

During their visit they discovered what it was like to travel into space, how astronauts sleep, how they recycle their water, what happens when they go to the toilet (a particular favourite!) and how they stay healthy in space.

They saw displays of giant rockets and were able to experience how astronauts see the earth from space.  The pupils even got to try on space suits for themselves and imagine what life might be like on the moon.

The trip was both a great educational experience and a lot of fun.

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