Calculated success for Maths workshops

Sydenham High Junior School has launched a calculation tool kit to provide parents with a physical resource that mirrors the methods used to teach their daughters maths.  The kit, containing both pictorial and written materials, was launched at a lively evening Maths Workshop on 10 May.

The workshop began by inviting parents to consider their own attitudes to maths and how these attitudes and feelings can affect those of their daughters towards the subject.

“Nowadays, parents’ love/hate relationship with maths centers on the how much the teaching of maths has changed since they were in school,” said Maths Co-ordinator, Miss Ribeiro.

“The aim of the workshop was to give parents a better understanding of the demands of the curriculum and show them the process of teaching maths now – from the concrete to the pictorial to the formal in written representations, in order to develop mastery and deeper understanding to support their daughters’ learning.”

Following the launch of the calculation policy and calculation kit, parents were then invited to take the floor and ‘to do maths’, using some of the resources and written methods used by their daughters.

The evening proved a great success with many parents appreciative of the methodical approach being taken by the school to Maths teaching.

The calculation tool kits, designed to better support parents at home, also proved a resounding hit; with parents giving great feedback.

Meanwhile, just before the half term break, students from Year 1 to Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic day of maths workshops.  The day brought to life the properties of shape, space and measures through interactive and collaborative team work, providing real-life contexts in which to explore mathematical concepts and fully support the approach to teaching Maths at Junior School.


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