Celebrating Success across the school

This year’s Celebrating Success events recognised and celebrated students’ hard earned successes across the spectrum of school life: academic success, the success and satisfaction of making leaps of progress, success across the whole enrichment curriculum inside and outside the classroom.

Opportunities at Sydenham High are many and varied to ensure that students engaged in as many activities as possible to develop their known talents and discover new ones.

At each event a special guest of honour presented the prizes and spoke to the students about their career journeys, offering words of wisdom as they looked to their futures.

Carnegie Medal nominee Lisa Rajan talked about how she had nearly given up as an author because she had been afraid her work was not good enough. She then explained to Junior School students and their parents how her literary creation Tara Binns, with her exploration of different jobs and roles, reflects her philosophy of never being afraid to try new things and go your own way rather than do what’s expected.

Chloe Mills, an alumna of Sydenham High’s educational and cultural exchange partner in Perth, Western Australia (St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls), was guest of honour for the Year 7-9 Celebrating Success event.  Chloe, who gained a First Class degree in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) from Oxford and has forged a career in management consultancy, is a strong advocate for women in the workplace. Having told the students about her personal career journey she left them with an insight to her life lessons including: don’t take no for an answer for things that you are passionate about and don’t be afraid of making a decision; the only wrong way is not making a decision at all. Her partying words were to remember that they had the greatest opportunity of any women to date to truly do anything they want to.

Sydenham High Alumna Chris Mann, and departing Head of GDST sister school Birkenhead Academy, took Years 10-13 back to her school days at Sydenham and urged them to make sure that every day counted in their future because life is best led with courage, strength and humour.  Her parting words were all about embracing SydSpirit and resilience: ‘Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out.’  and definitely ‘Nyle Ne Drede’!

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