Talking happiness to christen outdoor classroom

happinessclass-in-outdoor-classroomThe Junior School’s brand new outdoor classroom was launched at the first Open Day of the new school year (24 September) and has quickly gone into use across the school.

Amongst the first enthusiastic users were Year 6 for a PSHEE lesson.  Sitting around the central slate Circle of Learning, students reflected on what makes the school a happy school.

They listened carefully to each other’s ideas and soon many thoughts were pouring out. These were chalked directly on to the circle. Here are some of Year 6’s true feelings about their happy school:


  • “we feel good”
  • “we accomplish the impossible”
  • “it’s exciting”
  • “we are all included”
  • “we see the good in everyone”
  • “all of us are special”
  • “a unique school and we are unique girls”

Year 6 class teacher Mrs Mitchell-Morgan, who led the session, said: “It is clear that this level of positivity ripples throughout the whole of our school and having time to think then express these feelings in words, is why the magic happens at Sydenham High School.”

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