Numicon: Making a difference to Maths

numicon-pic-for-newsletterIn order to embed their knowledge of place, value and number, Year 2 have been learning to use, and play with, one of the hottest new Maths materials of the moment – Numicon!

Numicon is a multi-sensory approach to teaching maths, developed by experts in the classroom that’s designed to help children understand connections between numbers.

2D were taught, by Mrs Davies, how to play games involving their number and place value skills. They learnt how to set up their Numicon, discern odd numbers from even, ask pertinent questions to find a given number and also to work out which number was removed from the ordered line up of Numicon. 2D had such fun that they wanted to teach class 2ML the same games. This was a fantastic exercise in embedding their own learning by cascading their knowledge to their peers.

Miss Ribeiro, the Maths Coordinator, also came to watch the girls in action and was impressed by the mathematical knowledge that emerged with the handling of these new materials.

Parents also have the option of buying the same materials as part of the school’s Maths Toolkit, which also comes with the school’s Maths calculation policy.


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