Year 6 create a castaway drama

Year 6 were treated to a wonderful day of drama when they were visited by Chris Connaughton, renowned actor, storyteller and author of the Beltheron series.

The girls were mesmerised by Chris’s performance of his original story and one-man play, based on the classic text of Robinson Crusoe, relayed with a modern twist.

Chris showed the girls how simple props could be used in many ways; a conch shell and a piece of driftwood became a boat riding the waves, whilst a fisherman’s rope became a deadly snake.

The girls then had a workshop where they imagined being marooned on a desert island and, having been given one last chance to write a letter home, thought carefully about the messages they wanted to send.

Some girls decided to write their own adaptations of a scene set on a desert island, which they then performed.

The day finished with a long queue of girls eager to buy their own personalised signed copies of the Beltheron series.

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