Students tell tales at Museum festival

museum-of-london-world-in-our-city-festivalDebbie Guneratne, one of the Museum of London’s resident storytellers and founder of Small Tales Storytelling Clubs, recently chose two members of the Sydenham High’s Small Tales club – Rose Chaloner and Eve Griffiths – to perform with her at the World in our City Festival.

There were three performances of ‘Privilege and Protest’ each festival day.  This told the story of Princess Sophia who was the god daughter of Queen Victoria, the grand daughter of the Maharaja of the Punjab, and a Suffragette.  The story began with the hills of the Punjab and ended with a choral piece using the slogans of the suffragettes, in which the audience joined in, raising their voices in words that changed history!

As Emma, the event organiser said: “It was so brilliant having you and the young storytellers.  They did a fantastic job storytelling to audiences totalling over 700 and their hard work showed in the quality of their performance.  Please come back and tell more stories!”

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