PSA funding helps turn 3D learning into virtual reality

sydhigh-google-exped-p1090272Funding from the school’s Parent School Association (PSA) is enabling more students to experience lessons in immersive, virtual reality settings.

Thanks the generosity of the PSA the school has received two full class sets of SmartPhones and Google Cardboard headsets – one for Junior School and one for Senior School – enabling students to use exciting new Google Expeditions tools.

Google Expeditions allows teachers and students to explore in 3D a wide variety of experiences, from famous places around the world to the details of human anatomy.  The list of destinations and objects is continuing to grow.

Having taken part in Google’s school pilot last year (read the story here), both teachers and students are extremely excited by the possibilities that the new kit offers.

The PSA is also funding the purchase of two Ricoh Theta cameras, which can be used to create similar 3D experiences from school field or cultural trips as well as in, for example, Drama or Modern Foreign Language lessons.

In addition, two GoPro cameras will widen the possibilities for teaching and learning in areas such as PE and Science.  In PE, for example, students and teachers will be able to examine an individual’s technique in a particular sport in great detail, which will assist in improving their performance.

Acting Headteacher Karl Guest said: “A big thank you to the PSA and to every student and parent who supports their fundraising activities which enable our school to invest in such exciting, cutting edge teaching and learning experiences.”

Over the years Sydenham High’s PSA has raised thousands of pounds to be spent on a huge array of equipment for both Junior and Senior schools.

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