Year 4 explore the world from Hampton Court


As part of their ‘Opening up the World’ Connect curriculum topic, Year 4 went on a visit to Hampton Court Palace to find out more about the Tudor period of expansion and exploration.

Despite the chilly day, everyone enjoyed the splendour of the palace and gardens.  However it was ‘Mistress Harriet of the Laundry’ who really gave pupils an insight into the contrasting lives of those at either end of the Great Chain of Being.

Later the pupils were excited to meet one of Henry VIII’s finest explorers, Captain Tom.  Captain Tom showed the pupils how the map of the known world expanded during the Tudor period as a result of exploration and trade.

They also learned how these great journeys of discovery were funded by the rivalry of kings and queens and their demands of ‘What’s in it for us?’

In addition they found out how everyday items we all use and take for granted today were precious and exotic to the Tudor nobility.

Year 4 class teacher Mr Porter said: “It was an amazing day that has shown us how much of today’s world has come about as a result of the Tudor’s curiosity.”

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