Celebrating language and cultural diversity at Sydenham High

Modern Foreign Languages Celebration Week 2017 consisted of a large array of fun events and exciting cross curricular projects to celebrate the diverse range of cultures at Sydenham High.

Connections abroad: Year 7 students wrote and illustrated their connections and experiences with other countries all over the world, from Thailand to The Maldives. It was a fulfilling activity to share  similarities and celebrate differences.

Food project: Year 8 Spanish students researched the key elements of the Mediterranean diet; they learned more about the world of tapas and designed their own restaurant menus.

The Italian and Spanish Departments ran special cookery sessions for students in years 8, 9 and 10 where they learned how to prepare traditional recipes such as Tagliatelle al pesto and Bizcocho de yogur. By following the recipe instructions in the different languages students were able to expand their vocabulary. Overall, a delicious way to put foreign languages into action!

The Art of the Flamenco was discovered by year 9 students through their work on a guided research project where each group gave a detailed and well-researched presentations on topics such as flamenco history, music, dance and fashion.

Year 8 and 9 French students enjoyed, once again, a hilarious production from the Onatti Theatre Company. Le Café brought French language learning to life for students, as well as entertaining them.

During the week, year 10 students also vigorously defended their views within group discussions on the subject of The importance of charity work as part of their Poverty project.


The Susi Devlin Award

Mrs Susi Devlin was an inspiring hispanist and Head of the Spanish Department who taught several generations of Sydenham High School girls over a period of almost twenty years. This competition is a tribute to her and her academic passions:  Art and History. The contest is open to all year 9 and year 10 students who are interested in the Spanish and Hispanic language and culture. The essay must be written in Spanish and can be fiction or nonfiction. The theme is Art and History in Hispanic speaking countries. The deadline for submitting entries is 6 July 2017 and the award will be presented at the end of the academic year.

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