We’ll Eat Again: year 9’s history workshop cooks up WW2 dish

Students in year 9 have been studying life on the homefront in their lessons, looking at the Blitz, evacuation and rationing.

To continue their learning outside of the classroom students were invited to join in a WW2 cookery workshop called ‘We’ll Eat Again’.

Beforehand, they carried out research on what a typical family was allowed to buy and then developed this by researching recipes created during wartime to help housewives provide nutritious meals for their families on limited rations.

From the various recipes they researched, the students decided to cook ‘Lord Woolton’s Pie’ which was created by the chef from the Savoy Hotel and named after the Minister for Food – a job created specifically for wartime.

The students (along with their history teachers dressed as land girls) thoroughly enjoyed cooking the dish whilst listening to 1940s music and discussing how ‘appetising’ the dish was that they were creating.  They were also able to learn some new skills, such as pastry-making, and used ingredients they never usually would choose, such as lard.

Hopefully they enjoyed eating it at home as much as they enjoyed cooking it!

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