Outstanding science results aid GCSE grade rise at Sydenham High

Sydenham High’s GCSE results have hit new heights with an increase in top grades for the second year running.

An excellent performance in Biology, Chemistry and Physics contributed to over 34.9 per cent of all grades being A* and 61 per cent being A* or A.  In total 94.7 per cent of grades were A*-C.

Congratulations to all our year 11 pupils on their excellent GCSE results. We are extremely proud of the girls and their strong performance is testament to their hard work and that of their teachers. Well done to all.

— Katharine Woodcock, Headmistress


Over 80 per cent of all three science results were A* or A with a record 96 percent in Biology, 95 per cent in Physics and 82 percent in Chemistry.

Ten students opened their envelopes to find they had scored a full house of A*s and As, meanwhile a further six students achieved a run of 10 or more A*s.

Congratulations to: Phoebe Blake, Sasha Carrington, Laura Davey, Laure Denaro, Jamie Dunmore, Dora Gawn-Hopkins, Martha Harwood, Isabella Helm, Jade Lucas, Pearl McLean Jennings, Tia Nasir, Maddie Palmer, Annabelle Simmonds, Tara Snowley, Shumi Torrance and Alanna Wyncoll.


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