Junior School puts Girls First to vote in new School Council

Junior School has been celebrating its first Flourish and Fly week of the school year with a Girls First! theme and a focus on democracy with the election of the 2017-18 School Council.

The Junior School was a hub of excitement whilst a new set of School Councillors was nominated, taken through enthusiastic campaigning and then democratically elected through a secret ballot on Wednesday.

The duly elected  new councillors will represent their peers in fortnightly meetings with Head of Junior School Ms Boyd, and will feedback the results of their meetings to their classes. Those girls who were not elected to the Council have been invited to join our new Flourish & Fundraise Working Party. The group will work alongside School Council to lead the Junior School’s charity campaigns this year.

There were also very popular break time workshops focussing on a range of pioneering and inspirational women including suffragette  Emmeline Pankhurst.  Meanwhile in French lessons pupils learnt about the leaps in women’s fashion made possible by Coco Chanel and Aichatou Mohamad, a woman who fought for her education.


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