Sydenham High hosts Lewisham junior hockey competition

Sydenham High played host to Lewisham’s 2017 Quick Sticks junior hockey competition before half term and provided its sports scholars as enthusiastic games makers for the tournament.

On two consecutive Thursdays the school’s all weather Astroturf pitches and other facilities were handed over to Lewisham School Games Organisers for the London Youth Games tournament for aspiring young hockey players from primary schools across the borough.

The first event was for years 3 and 4 players and the second for years 5 and 6.. Twelve school teams took part in the knock-out competitions, including Sydenham High Junior School.

The standard of play was exceptionally high from all teams, with a great sporting atmosphere and wonderful comradery throughout.  The winning team in both categories was Brindishe Green School, demonstrating great skill and team play.

Sydenham High’s sports scholars, plus a number of Senior School PE students, proved excellent hosts and ambassadors for the school, well deserving the round of applause they received from their young guests and their teachers.


"The young leaders tailored their roles, offering coaching where needed as well as demonstrating excellent umpiring and organisational skills, and the venue provided an impressive platform for pupils across the borough to engage with new skills in a competitive environment."

— Lewisham School Games Organiser Tina Descombes

Lewisham School Games Organisers Tina Descombes and Adele Modeste sincerely thanked Sydenham High School for providing and training the Young Sports Leaders and hosting the year 3-4 and year 5-6 2017-18 Quick Sticks Hockey competitions.

The organisers also handed out special ‘sporting spirit’ awards to individual players and teams at each event for: self belief, teamwork, passion, honesty and respect. Sydenham High Junior players were amongst the recipients including Heidi in year 4, and then Olivia in year 6 as team player of the day.  In addition, the year 6 team was voted as the team showing most respect by all the other teams on the day.


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