Welcome back to our Alumnae of 2017

It was lovely to welcome back our year 13 leavers from 2017 for our first Alumnae lunch. Once the formal presentation of their A Level certificates by Mrs Woodcock was completed, it was wonderful to chat to the students and their parents and find out about their exciting news since leaving Sydenham High.


Those who are at university have been having a fantastic time settling in to their new courses and making new friends. I was also fabulous to hear that the Sydenham friendships remain strong as Rachel and Evie who are both studying at the university of Edinburgh are taking dance classes together.


For those who are currently taking gap years it was great to hear about the varied things that everyone has been doing. From working at Peter Jones and a local prep school, to taking storyboarding courses and teaching swimming, the students have been working hard and gaining new skills in preparation for taking up their places at university in September.


We wish them all the best for the future.

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