Sydenham celebrates World Book Day

On Thursday 15th March, we had our World Book Day – postponed due to the snow. It all  started off with the costumes; everyone came in a unique outfit from Miss Trunchbull to Marge Simpson. I came as Hermione from Harry Potter, wearing a Gryffindor cloak and my primary uniform. Personally, I thought, from the students, Ella in Year 7 was the best because her make up was very detailed and she had the same outfit as Mrs Holland; she even had false teeth.

At lunch, a book fair, scientific games, photos, and poetry event took place in the Westwood Theatre. There were a variety of opportunities. First, I played the Frankenstein game; it was a competition about who created a picture of Frankenstein with a time limit. There was also a book fair where there were books on sale. To sum up, World Book Day was an amusing and certainly entertaining day and we are all looking forward to the next World Book Day events in the following years ahead of us.

By Adia Beraki

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