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Junior School staff become well versed!


To celebrate World Book Day 2018, we invited local spoken word company Well Versed Ink to deliver poetry workshops to our girls. ‘Inspirational Women’ was our theme and it was a true delight to see the girls both writing and performing poems about women who inspire them. In light of the collaborative and creative endeavour at Junior School this term, staff experienced a taster of what the girls participated in by coming together for a session themselves!

As the staff feel it is important to encourage our girls to take risks, go outside their comfort zone what better way to demonstrate that by writing and performing poetry themselves! Staff gathered in the outdoor classroom and had a fantastic experience. They commented on how they gained a new perspective on poetry, with a chance to introduce new ideas into the classroom. It was also a poignant and emotional experience as many of them drew upon personal experiences of inspirational women i.e. grandmothers, daughters and partners. This was also heightened by the warmth of the facilitator and the sunshine!

There was also an opportunity for staff to reflect on their own successes as teachers and the impact they have on the lives of the girls that they teach.

Thank you to Miss Spence for organising and to Darren from Well Versed Ink for running the session.


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