Audiences left in wonder at Alice

On 14 and 15 May we were treated to a fantastic production of Alice in Wonderland. Since the rehearsal process began in February, students worked incredibly hard to create the magical performance the audiences loved. The interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s famous novel that shaped this production sees Alice plunge down the rabbit hole and become involved in a compilation of episodes from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The performance was a kaleidoscope of action and madness, suspense and frustration.

The Drama Department worked incredibly hard to get the production to such a high level and the skills of our young actors made for a compelling performance.

“It was an absolutely brilliant and utterly magical production. Every single girl involved, from cast to ensemble to crew, should feel enormously proud of the part they played to bring this story to the stage with such energy and aplomb.” Mrs Woodcock

“I am left in awe of the world of wonderland! The girls are truly fearless in their willingness to embrace their characters and explore different genres.” Governor

Rehearsal photos:

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