An afternoon of leadership and teamwork

As part of the PSHE curriculum, year 7 and 8 spent the afternoon learning about leadership and teamwork.

Year 7 discussed what it means to be a leader and how leaders are born, they then split into groups to create a new games, using cricket bats, balls and cones, and then had to teach the rest of the year group the rules. It involved a lot of decision-making and then ability to effectively communicate to a large group. All useful skills for the future.

Year 8 focused on team work through the design and creation of a marble run, made out of recycled materials. It was key to use their limited resources economically and carefully, and to work together to design the most successful run for their marbles. Some fantastic ideas were brought to life – some on a very large scale! They demonstrated resilience when ideas were not feasible and moved forward with alternative solutions.

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