Building skills for the future with year 12

This week has focused on future planning for year 12, be it University or their future careers. On Tuesday they visited the UCAS exhibition at Goldsmiths, University of London where they were able to speak with representatives from a wide range of universities and learn more about their degree and degree apprenticeship programmes. The afternoon saw them working on their university and higher education applications and learning how to construct an excellent personal statement.

On Wednesday they took part in a skills focused day. Ensuring students are prepared for the world of work is very important, and our year 12 Skills Day certainly ensured they are well on their way to having the necessary skills to succeed. The sessions saw students learning about the importance of not only their online presence, but also their personal presence as well.

The day was kicked off by a presentation from Ms Hooper, our Director of Marketing and Communications, highlighting the need to craft your personal brand and ensure your online presence reflects the right image to a potential employer. With social media growing in popularity and breadth, especially work related platforms such as LinkedIn, it has never been more important to ensure students can navigate this world carefully.

The morning continued with an interview skills workshop delivered by Amber Allan. Having worked with many corporate clients, Amber was well placed to help teach our students all about the skills needed to give a good interview. Strong handshakes, standing tall, speaking with confidence and using power poses were all invaluable strategies and tips.

Our afternoon saw all of the students put through their paces with individual interviews, allowing them to put into practice all of the key training they had received earlier in the day.

– Ms Parrish, Director of Sixth Form


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