Creativity all round at Sydenham High

Sydenham High School was a hub of creativity on Tuesday this week as year 7 enjoyed a workshop with Adam Robinson, a writer of theatre, short fiction, and film. Students were encouraged to write using a range of stimuli and shared their work with glee.

The next day our year 8 artists were treated to a fantastic print making workshop by visiting artist Nick Richards. Nick specialises in printmaking and exhibits and sells his work in London. He also works as a teacher and technician at Thames-Side Print Studio. He started each session by showing examples of prints, proofs and plates that he had made. He showed them what an etching plate looks (and feels!) like and talked about his career. Nick also explained the process of producing a finished print from sketches and proofing, through to a finished piece. After demonstrating how to ink up a plate and use the press, students set about making their own landscape prints – soon to be on display at school.. It was fantastic to see how experimental the girls were with their mark-making and the resulting prints were fantastic.

So much creativity at Sydenham High! We look forward to more sessions in the future.



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