Parliament Week 2018

The theme for this week was Parliament Week. In the week of Prime Minister Theresa May unveiling the proposed deal for Brexit, it was very timely indeed! It was an opportunity for our students to engage with the UK parliament and how they can actively involve themselves in promoting and supporting the Fundamental British Value of the Rule of Law.

Friday’s assembly heard Mr Guest talk about the history of the UK parliament, and the remaining four laws set up in the Magna Carta, which set out the powers of the monarchy. He also spoke about making our votes count and being part of making a difference for our country.

In addition to the Senior School Assembly on Friday, throughout the week tutors discussed with their tutees aspects of the Rule of Law and the British Parliament itself and the impact Parliament has on our daily lives. Year 7-9 discussed Vote 100 as 2018 marks 100 years since Parliament passed a law which allowed some women, and all men, to vote for the first time: the 1918 Representation of the People Act. As part of Vote 100, women shared their personal stories of how laws passed by Parliament have changed their lives for the better. Pupils watched three films from #YourStoryOurHistory, focusing on laws that have contributed to women’s rights and continued to empower them. Pupils created a list of reasons why it is important to vote, what voting allows us to do and why it is a privilege, as well as how Suffragettes won women the vote. Throughout the year we are celebrating this important milestone in the UK’s democratic history.

Following on from Black History Month, Year 10 and 11 discussed diversity and parliament, exploring the changing nature of representation in the UK. Pupils were shown clips to find out more about Parliamentarians’ experience of changing diversity and to consider what diversity means to them. They discussed the reasons why a greater diversity is important for Parliament, what can be done to encourage greater diversity in politics, how they could encourage diversity and heard about role models from Members of Parliament, including both personal and famous people.

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