Y6 STRIDE Enterprise Programme

On Wednesday, year 6 embarked on the first of six sessions as part of the STRIDE enterprise programme. STRIDE is an interactive course in which pupils gain business and enterprise skills whilst setting up their own mini business in teams. Pupils learn and practice business and enterprise skills in an interactive, innovative environment where independent learning and learning-by-doing is the focus. By the end of the first week the pupils were grouped into enterprise teams with clearly identified roles such as project manager, finance manager and marketing manager with their products decided.

The range of ideas arising from each group was most impressive the course facilitator commented on both the energy and thoughtfulness of Year 6’s responses. The product focus on each mini business is different and includes bath bombs, lip balms, anklets, stress balls and mini arcades. Over the coming weeks the business teams will develop their products and explore the basic principles of running a viable business starting with a pitch for a loan investment of up to £40 in their business idea.

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