Year 3 geographers explore Horton Kirby

On Wednesday, year 3 spent the day at Horton Kirby. The day started with a lively introduction to the field study skills that the children went on to apply at the river. Equipped with their own discovery bags, the children completed a short walk to the river, looking at physical features on the way. After gauging the flow of the river with a quick game of pooh sticks, the children had the opportunity to study photos of the immediate environment in order to ascertain how the physical and human features have changed over time. The children then entered the river at two sites; each time measuring the flow and depth, and using their observations to explain why these measurements change throughout the year.

In the afternoon the children completed a series of hands-on activities related to the River Darent. In pairs, the children created their own land on which they developed a river.  A second activity involved the children using microscopes to investigate the permeability of rocks, in order to help explain how this property of the rocks in Horton Kirby affects the flow and depth of the river.

Finally, the children experienced an engaging presentation which showed the entire journey of the River Darent; showing how human and physical features have changed over time. It was a great day and the girls returned to school buzzing with excitement about their day.

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