Eco warriors selected to appear on Blue Peter

On Thursday 9 May, four of our eco representatives travelled up to Manchester to be interviewed for a special eco episode of Blue Peter. They really were Giraffe Girls at their best and a credit to us all. The eventual, oh so brief, live interview bore no relation to the rehearsed chats in the run through an hour before, all of them introduced by name, about the video, what we’re doing at school and their superb eloquence on all things eco – look out Greta Thunberg. It transpired that the show had been turned into an outdoor special (complete with arctic wind and rain) late the previous week and the cosy studio chat on the sofa with our four and the clip of the video that we had been told to expect two weeks ago, were not going to happen.

Rehearsing and working on a live TV show was certainly an experience and the girls learnt how quickly plans change. At least we were able to give a rendition of ‘Save the World‘ with all the children and crew just before the live show – impromptu and rousing and the BBC crew told us they played the video a lot in the production office and enjoyed it!

A wonderful day. Our girls really shone and made quite an impression on the presenters and the crew. Between them they could have run the show. We left school at 8.15am and got back to Euston at 9.30pm and they were still all shining. The girls can really take this experience forward with them now and spearhead this school’s climate crisis initiatives.

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