M M Vaughan Author Visit for y4-7

Year 7 students were invited to Prep School this week to join the years 4-6 students at an author visit by Monica Meira Vaughan, writer of science-fiction for children.

Monica talked about her books The Ability and Six before giving a short reading from her newest publication Slick, a moving story about the friendship between a boy and an android. Monica told students Slick was inspired by a news story about an experiment in Japan to use robots in care homes, and her wondering if it was actually possible to be friends with a robot..

Monica talked about becoming an author, getting ideas for stories whilst working as a teacher trying to inspire reluctant readers, how she writes with classical instrumental music in the background so she is not distracted by any lyrics, and how she likes to plan her stories well, visualising each chapter as a film in her head before writing it down. She also explained the publishing process and the time involved in actually translating an initial idea for a story into the physical book on sale in a book shop.

Monica’s favourite author was and still is Roald Dahl, who she had the great pleasure to meet at a friend’s birthday party when a teenager. Her top tip for aspiring authors is simply to read as much as possible.

Find out more at her website: http://www.mmvaughan.com/

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