Prep school hosts virtual STEAM Day

On Thursday 21 May, we held our annual STEAM day; a day filled with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths lessons and activities. Taking inspiration from the words, ‘Ink, Investigate, Invent, Inspire’ the girls challenged themselves across a variety of disciplines and it was truly wonderful to receive their work and hear their brilliant ideas.

Many of the girls imagined themselves in the shoes of a young inventor creating a futuristic robot. The day began with the girls planning their own ‘Inventor Girl’ comic story or writing diary entries in-role. With imagination taking flight and inspiration bubbling over from their writing challenge, the girls then designed their own robot for the future. Extraordinary, unique ideas were shared and then set in motion, some through videoing, others using robot-building software games through to good-old fashioned cardboard boxes. From Reception’s inventions to help their teacher, Cornflake robots, or seemingly magical surface tension experiments set up in the kitchen, the girls rose to the challenge and it has been a joy to receive their work.

Perseverance was the name of the game for the maths problem-solving challenges but there were many ‘Aha’ light bulb moments, whether it was solving the number jigsaw puzzles, unlocking a sequence pattern of prime numbers or revealing that 8 cuboids could be made! The science tasks saw our girls taking their learning in bold new directions, with pupils testing and proving theories. Particular mention to Flo and Carmen who challenged themselves to try using different objects to test. Well done, everyone.

– Mrs Panton, Deputy Head, Prep School

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