Black History Month at Prep

The focus for Black History Month at Prep centred around the Windrush generation through Floella Benjamin’s book ‘Coming to England’. Prep School had a range of activities planned for all pupils to celebrate the history, arts and culture of black British people. Throughout October, our specialist teachers (PE, French, Music, Art/DT, Computing and Science)  each focused on inspiring black role models in their respective subject areas.

From Monday 5 October Prep School celebrated the first Flourish and Fly Week of the school year with a focus on ‘Girls First’. Pupils learnt about the achievements of inspiring black British female role-models including athletes, authors, poets, actors and musicians. Pupils also very much enjoyed learning more about the artist, Flo Awolaja and making their own pieces of art.

In the last week of term, pupils in year 6 continued their learning about British history through an online workshop called ‘Windrush Journeys’ by the Black Cultural Archives. Pupils learned about significant individuals including Joe Clough and Connie Mark. They explored artefacts including RAF army jackets and household gadgets from the 1950s as well as the houses and jobs that those from the windrush generation acquired.

In year 5, pupils also participated in a workshop called ‘Freedom Fighters’. This allowed the girls to analyse historic works of art and the portrayal of African slaves that were taken from Benin and across Africa. They looked at statues and demonstrated their awareness of the Ebo language. An extract from Olaudah Equiano was explored. The pupils reenacted his life and learned about his contribution to classical music as well as to ending the slave trade.

All classes in the Prep School listened to poems and stories read by Ms Goodson, including ‘A Caribbean Dozen’ a selection of poems from twelve Caribbean poets, ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin and ‘Ada Twist, Scientist’ by Andrea Beaty.

Pupil Voice:

It’s interesting as my grandparents are from Jamaica and I want to learn about this.

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