Maisie unites the school community with her fundraising

In 2000, her father, Craig, was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis. MS has no cure and progresses over time. It affects the brain and spinal cord and causes a range of symptoms such as blurred vision and how people move, think and feel. Maisie remembered how positive he remained, despite missing out on doing things with her as she grew up, and she wanted to celebrate his life, which sadly ended in January this year.
Maisie chose to do a sponsored walk, as that becomes one of the simple things that MS sufferers are unable to do with ease as the diseases progresses. She aimed to raise £1000 to support those struggling with MS and was delighted to far surpass that target. At school, Maisie put forward a proposal to Mrs Woodcock for a ‘wear your walking shoes’ day on 30 April, which would have been her father’s birthday. Pupils and staff all donated £1 to the cause and raised £955 for her fantastic cause.

Maisie has embodied our “Fear Nothing” spirit and we are so pleased to see how successful her fundraising campaign has been.

We are immensely proud of Maisie. Raising awareness and fundraising by sharing her personal story is testament to her fearless spirit and selfless nature. To channel such difficult emotions in such a positive, courageous and resilient way is truly remarkable. She is an inspiration to us all.

– Mrs Woodcock, Headmistress

Donations are still being accepted on GoFundMe.

MyLondon wrote a great article all about Maisie’s fundraising.

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