One Day Film School

Last week, pupils in years 4, 5 and 9 took part in the One Day Film School. With guidance from Young Film Academy facilitators, pupils learned the essentials of filmmaking: Film History, Screenwriting, Editing, Camera, Fight Choreography – then worked in groups to make short films for screening at the end of the day.

The 10 Shot Challenge is the ultimate test of teamwork and creativity: each group must script, shoot and edit a silent short film based on a classic narrative (eg ‘Someone on the run, maybe innocent, being chased) in just ninety minutes.

The Oscars ceremony was the highlight of the day: pupils introduced their films – just like at the Cannes Film Festival – then premiered their mini-masterpieces on the big screen. The judging panel (Young Film Academy experts) deliberated who should receive the Best Picture Oscars, which were presented by VIP judges Victoria Goodson, Head of Prep, and Katharine Woodcock, Headmistress.

Young Film Academy, who run the One Day Film School in 150+ schools each year (including across the GDST) was hugely impressed by the talent on display at Sydenham Prep & High, the Year 9 Oscar winner “Revenge” being a particular standout. Excellent performances, superb editing and inventive scripting aligned to make one of the best 10 Shot Films of 2021. Congratulations to the filmmakers, who could well be cinema stars of the future…

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