Undivided - Sydenham High School


Pupils’ understanding of the importance of treating others as they want to be treated themselves pervades the school and they firmly reject discrimination of any kind on any grounds


Pupils have the moral courage to challenge actions they see as wrong


Pupils have a very strong sense of social justice, social responsibility and equality


  • Key actions completed since
    summer 2020

    • pupil voice surveys
    • curriculum review with parents
    • three new year 12 Diversity & Inclusion Prefects at Senior School and the Prep introduced Undivided Prefects
    • staff INSET on unconscious bias and webinars such as ‘Building a Balanced Curriculum’ with speakers from The Migration Museum, The Black Curriculum, Book Love and Fill in the Blanks
    • signed up to The Halo Code and hosted a webinar with the founders, including former Sydenham High pupil
    • re-invigoration of societies such as Afro-Caribbean Society and LGBTQ+ Society and a new Undivided Club was launched at Prep
    • development of pupil and staff book clubs, reading books such as ‘How to Be an Anti Racist’ by Ibram X Kendi, amongst other stimuli and articles
    • staff learning streams on topics such as neuroplasticity and neurodiversity
    • ICONS artwork competition launched during Black History Month, with artwork framed and displayed as permanent features around the school (a selection visible below)
    • pupil led assemblies and opportunities for discussion and reflection
    • inviting in neurodivergent speakers
    • recruitment processes have been reviewed and adjusted in order to appeal to a broader range of applicants
    • a full programme of activities launched in October 2021 with some continuing throughout the year
    • an Undivided calendar has been initiated to celebrate a broad range of events.

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